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A file with DOTM extension represents template file created with Microsoft Word 2007 or higher. It is similar to the popular DOCX file format other than it retains the user defined settings for reuse in case of creating new documents. Such documents are more often used in offices where a standard template file is generated with settings like page information, margins, default layout and macros, and is used to create new documents from it when required. DOTM files, however, save macros, that are a series of commands in the form of recorded actions for automatic completion of a task. This helps save time in carrying out actions that are repeated in completion of a task.

Brief History

DOTM file format is based on the Office OpenXML standard. It was in the early 2000 when Microsoft decided to go for the change to accommodate the standard for Office Open XML. Documents, of different types, under this new Standard were identified by appending "X" in their extensions, where "X" being for XML. By 2007, this new file format became part of Office 2007 and is carried on in the new versions of Microsoft Office as well. The new file type has added advantages of small file sizes, less changes of corruption and well formatted images representation.

File Format Specifications

The DOTM file format follows the same DOCX structure based on Office OpenXML file format. Contents of a DOTM file format can be viewed by renaming it to ZIP and opening the archive using any supporting utility. The MS-DOCX specifications define the Office OpenXML file format details for DOCX file format for developers' reference and are applicable to DOTM as well.


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