XER - Primavera P6 Project

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The XER file format is a proprietary project file format used by Primavera P6 project planning and management application. Like MPP file format, this file format stores data related to project planning such as tasks, resources, timelines, and materials. Primavera is developed by Oracle and provides the capability of complete project planning and finds its applications in several practical fields such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, etc. It helps project managers plan, schedule, and control large-scale programs and individual projects by integrating with financial management and human capital management systems. A number of software and APIs can read and convert XER file to other popular project file formats such as XML and MPP.

XER File Format

An XER file is a text file and can be opened with a text editor. Though project related data can be viewed by opening it in text editor, it is hard for one to understand it by manually establishing the links. The format offers low level of data control that is being imported from other formats. It the most used format to exchange data with other P6 databases. Certain advantages that XER have on equivalent XML format include the ability to move global codes and calendars to project level and map codes, UDFs, resources and calendars to existing values.


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