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1 Ebook files are electronic files that can be opened on digital devices known as eReaders. An eReader can be any device such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. The most popular ebook file format is the XML based ePub that can easily be read by several applications. Some popular eReaders include [[Amazon Kindle>>]], Sony Reader, Hanlin and IRIX. An ebook can contain different types of contents such as text, image, and video. Some providers also make the digital content available for free download or view online from ebook library. With the popularity of ebooks, several publishers have provided step-by-step guide on how to publish an ebook online.
3 Common ebook file extensions and their file formats include **[[EPUB>>doc:specification.ebook.epub.WebHome]]** (electronic publication), **[[FB2>>doc:specification.ebook.fb2.WebHome]]** (FictionBook 2.0) and **[[Mobi>>]]** (MobiPocket eBook File).
5 = List of EBook File Extensions and Associated File Formats =
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8 |=(% style="width: 259px;" %)File Extension|=(% style="width: 389px;" %)File Format
9 |(% style="width:259px" %)[[EPUB>>doc:specification.ebook.epub.WebHome]]|(% style="width:389px" %)Digital E-Book File Format
10 |(% style="width:259px" %)[[FB2>>doc:specification.ebook.fb2.WebHome]]|(% style="width:389px" %)FictionBook 2.0 File
11 |(% style="width:259px" %)[[Mobi>>]]|(% style="width:389px" %)MobiPocket eBook File
12 |(% style="width:259px" %)AZW|(% style="width:389px" %)Amazon Kindle eBook File
13 |(% style="width:259px" %)LIT|(% style="width:389px" %)eBook File
14 |(% style="width:259px" %)[[PDF>>doc:specification.pdf.WebHome]]|(% style="width:389px" %)Portable Document File Format
15 |(% style="width:259px" %)ODF|(% style="width:389px" %)eBook File
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