3D File Formats

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The electronic representation of a three-dimensional object is known as 3D file. A 3D file format is used to store information about 3D models. It usually store information about 3D models as plain text or binary data. There are literally hundreds of 3D file formats and are widely used in 3D games, printing, computer-aided design, manufacturing, academia, engineering and more. Each industry has its own 3D file formats for several reasons. Below we are going to discuss about the most popular 3d file formats and the most recommended software that uses it.

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What are 3D File Formats?

Following is a list of popular 3D file formats that find their use in almost all daily work related to 3D.

File ExtensionFile Format
3DS3D Studio Mesh File Format
3MF3D Manufacturing File Format
FBXFilmbox Interchange File
GLBBinary GL Transmission Format
GLTFGL Transmisison Format
OBJWaveFront 3D Object File
PLYPolygon 3D File Format
U3DUniversal 3D File Format
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling File Format
X3D3D Image File
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