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Files with ODP extension represent presentation file format used by OpenOffice.org in the OASISOpen standard. A presentation file is a collection of slides where each slide can comprise of text, images, formatting, animations, and other media. These slides are presented to audience in the form of slideshows with custom presentation settings. ODP files can be opened by applications that conform to the OpenDocument format (such as OpenOffice or StarOffice). 

Brief History

ODP file format specifications are based on the standard developed as ODF specifications. These specifications have evolved over past in the form of three versions developed and published by OASIS as follow:

2005: Version 1.0 was published in May 2005

2007: Version 1.1 was published in Feb 2007

2011: Version 1.2 was published in Sep 2011

There were pretty minor changes in transition from ODF 1.0 to 1.1 versions. The ODF 1.2 version is the latest version for ODF specifications and should be consulted by developers for development of applications related to ODS reading/writing.

File Format Specifications

OpenDocument format supports document representation as a single XML document as well as a collection of several subdocuments within a package as ZIP archive.  Each of the files from the ZIP archive stores part of the complete document. Each subdocument stores a particular aspect of the document. For example, one subdocument contains the style information and another subdocument contains the content of the document. A typical ODF document has the following components:

  • content.xml – Document content and automatic styles used in the content.
  • styles.xml – Styles used in the document content and automatic styles used in the styles themselves.
  • meta.xml – Document meta information, such as the author or the time of the last save action.
  • settings.xml – Application-specific settings, such as the window size or printer information.

Besides these, in package can be many other subdocuments like document thumbnail, images, etc.

Spreadsheet document files are the subset of ODF files where the content (sheets) is stored in content.xml subdocument.


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