Presentation File Formats

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You must be familiar with PPTX and PPT extension files while working with Microsoft PowerPoint. These are Presentation file formats that store collection of records to accommodate presentation data such as slides, shapes, text, animations, video, audio and embedded objects. A presentation can be saved/converted into other file formats as well such as PDF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, and XPS. PowerPoint Viewer lets you a number of supported Presentation file formats and is available for free.

Common Presentation file extensions and their associated file formats include PPTX, PPT and ODP.

List of Presentation File Formats

Following is a list of popular PowerPoint and other Presentation file extensions and their associated file formats.

File ExtensionFile Format
ODPOpenDocument Presentation File Format
OTPOpenDocument Presentation Template
POTMicrosoft Powerpoint Template File
POTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
POTXPowerPoint Presentation Template File
PPSPowerPoint Slide Show
PPSMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
PPSXPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
PPTPowerPoint Presentation
PPTMPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation

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