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A CDR file is a vector drawing image file that is natively created with CorelDRAW for storing digital image encoded and compressed. Such a drawing file contains text, lines, shapes, images, colours and effects for vector representation of image contents. CDR files can be opened with CorelDRAW as the primary application and can also be converted to other formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP and AI. It can be used for representation of various graphics data like brochures, tabloids, envelopes, and postcards. Besides CorelDRAW, other Corel products such as Corel Paintshop Pro and CorelDRAW Graphics suite can also open the CDR file formats.

CDR File Format

CDR, being proprietary format of Corel, doesn't have any publicly available technical specifications. The format has been continuously evolving after its first launch in 1989 and supports basic features such as text, colour management and spot colours.

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