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A DWT file is an AutoCAD drawing template file that is used as starter for creating drawings that can be saved as DWG files. Such template files provide initial settings such as unit types, precision required, title blocks, layer names, line types and other similar information for lateral conversion to proper drawing files. Both AutoCAD and CoreCAD can be used to read the template files and utilize them further. In simple words, a DWT is a DWG with pre-defined read-only attributes in the same way as a MSWord DOT file is to a DOC file.

DWT File Format

DWT can be considered a DWG with predefined values that can be readily used. DWG has been one of the widely used file format by a range of applications and has a robust file structure. Since DWG is a binary file format, it is not human-readable like the plain ASCII DXF file format. DWG files usually include information about the image coordinates and any metadata associated with it. Complete specifications of DWG file format are available for download by OpenDesign.


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