VDW - Visio Graphics Service File Format

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VDW is the Visio Graphics Service file format that specifies the streams and storages required for rendering a Web drawing. A web drawing is a collection of drawing pages, shapes, fonts, images, data connections, and diagram update information that can be rendered as a vector or raster drawing. VDW files can be opened in Microsoft Visio as well but are primarily saved for use on web. Microsoft Visio offers the capability to convert Visio files to a number of different file formats including PNGBMPPDF and others.

VDW File Format

The technical specifications of VDW file format are available online by Microsoft and can be referenced by developers for creating applications. The technical document describes data contained in a compound file which contains storages and streams. The representation of a Web Drawing is made possible through a stream, named VisioServerData, via a ZIP archive. A ShapGraphic XML Part in the archive describes the graphical elements displayed in the Web drawing and are expressed in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML). A collection of XML parts in the ZIP archive describes the Web drawing's data connection, information about its shape and the diagram update logic. These parts are expressed as XML. The DataGraphic XML part describes recalculated properties that are to be evaluated after the data in the Web drawing has been refreshed from the data source. Additional items in the ZIP archive contain information for the fonts and images used in the Web drawing.

Possible Implementation of a File
Possible implementation of a File


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