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5 5  TIFF file format was initially created by Aldus Corporation in the fall of 1986, after a series of meetings with various scanner manufacturers and software developers. The primary purpose of TIFF file format was to provide a common scanned image file format for all the desktop scanner vendors. Starting with support for only binary image format, the format evolved to the support of grayscale and color images with the passage of time. The initial version of TIFF file format specifications can be labeled as Reivision 3.0 as there were two earlier draft releases. A major Revision 5.0 was published in 1988 that added support for palette color images and LZW compression. Revision 6.0 of TIFF file formats were published in 1992 after that. In 1994, Adobe Systems acquired Aldus and the specifications are now available and maintained by Adobe Systems.
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7 -== TIFF File Format Specifications ==
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9 9  A TIFF file begins with an 8-byte header where the bytes are number from 0 to N. The largest possible TIFF file is 2~*~*32 bytes in length. The file begins with an 8-byte image file header that points to an image file directly (IFD). An IFD contains information about the image as well as pointers to the actual image data.
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